About Us

europeThis website has been created for one purpose only, to share with you the most need 2 know travel information that we have and encounter regularly on our encounters.  It is to help you to make informed choices.

I’m Anna, i have been going behind the scenes in the UK and surrounding countries, travelling.  I encounter lots of much needed information that many don’t realise and see as even important.  My teams mission and mine is now to bring that information all in to one place, updating regularly information and details just for our audiences purpose.

From the hidden treasures in the UK, [yes the UK!!] to hidden treasures of Europe and Northern Africa and once in a while other distant countries information you will find beneficial.

I have been studying tourism for many years, and have discovered many little coves and hidden gems hidden away.  I do hope you find our website useful and if you have any thing to share please do feel welcome to reach out to us here, and we will be gladly in touch.