Beautiful Cumbria – Ambleside its’ Hidden Cove

Beautiful Cumbria-Ambleside it’s hidden cove.

cumbria mapWhilst driving in the North on the Motorway and suddenly you just know you have entered the Cumbria County. Soooo Green & Lush, the most breathtaking scenery and view for a northern English County. Just amazing rolling hills and

you could just continue driving. However Cumbria is full of hidden coves, but one amazing cove you would love to visit is Ambleside.

Where is Ambleside?

cumbria drive

Breathtaking Views

The Location of Ambleside is literally in the middle of Cumbria [as seen in the map]

As you enter Ambleside, It is just breathtaking, just driving through and seeing the Lake District right next to your vehicle as you drive, makes your heart just melt.  Especially with some soothing music in the background you will always begin to feel nostalgic after leaving and hearing the same tune play again.  It is just one of those engraving memories a place can leave.

Places to visit

In fact if you ever do visit, do make sure to visit the place where the river runs through the Ambleside town.

A river runs through ambleside

A River running through Ambleside

There is so much to do, in Ambleside, going for boat rides, there is also a pier which is in quite a romantic setting with trees around and such beautiful gardens, with a hidden little cafe.  Well worth the visit with the family too, a place for everyone.

It’s a nice little historic village with stone houses or houses that have been preserved and really feels like going back in time.

ambleside stonehouses


wateredge inn

Wateredge Inn

Places to stay:
Lots of cottages, and B&Bs to let. Living in a City and entering Ambleside is as they “chalk and cheese”.  There are some hotels that offer hot tubs as well as your very own jacuzzi, so definitely one to look out for.  There is a small cottage, within a hotel that has self catering which you are sure to find all around Ambleside.

There is also a lovely Wateredge Inn down the road from Ambleside [as seen in picture], a lovely setting to stay and surround yourself in.

Surprisingly, Ambleside is home to a University, although you would expect many students around, it never feels like there is a university within the vicinity.

Best Times to visit

Its just one of those places you can visit all year round.  It really depends if you are looking for sun or some lovely countryside to walk in and country activities to do.  However, It is much cheaper to visit off peak seasons and still get a lot done.  As I mentioned in my earlier post here, that really the British weather has become soo much warmer now, you really wouldn’t notice what time of year it is, really is a case of pot luck!

I do hope this gives you a little insight in to this little hidden Cove.  I will update more on here soon, but for the meantime do go explore and come back with your feedback, I really do hope you love it as much as we do.  Thank you for stopping by and reading, do feel free to leave a comment or check out our home page for more little gems in the UK.

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