The Victorian Town In the Heart Of England!

Do you really want to go back in time?

Well you can! shockingly! AND in the Midlands, the Heart of England.heart of midlands

Blists Hill is a fully working Victorian Town in the Midlands, situated in Telford.  I came across this place when we had a reunion with our old classmates from High School; I have memories as a child visiting a Victorian village with our school.  One classmate, who was undertaking his work training in Telford for now, was so excited to tell us how he had visited the same town we visited as children, and how much more amazing and exciting it was to visit as an adult.

This really got me excited too, so off I went on a search for it and got a trip organised for us to do a visit or a reunion of our old school trip.  Rather crazy, I hear you say, but these things happen in life.

A little History

blists hill canal stIt is one of the 10 Ironbridge Gorge museums.  Its most definitely an fascinating way for all ages to experience life in the Victorian era.

What’s there to see?

A few of us took our children so it was quite great as we got to see some fascinating and engaging workshops in how to do candle dipping the Victorian way.  It was an insightful watch as we use candles all the time in our house, it has definitely urged us to make our own candles after this experience.

The fish and chip shop is one place to visit for certain, forget 100 years ago, I just miss how a good old fish and chip shop was just 20 years ago!!

blists hill pharmacyLots of characters were brought to real life as what life was like 100 years ago and everyone was traditionally dressed to fit their part and of course with tremendous acting on their part.  It was interesting to visit their old pharmacy, lots of potions and lotions, like being in a old science lab with professor Einstein, ha!

The Fun part

I do have to say and I am sure I speak for most of that I found the sweet shop much more exciting than any other child there.  And of course the ride on the train to experience the underground mining, it was a bit claustrophobic but i got by-just!  And of course the actual old traditional fun fair rides were a blast for all.


blists hill fairground

Fun traditional “merry go” Round!

There really is a lot to do in this village.  I do think its worth getting an annual pass for the Ironbridge Gorge museums so you can go often as you like, especially if you live close by, even if its to reminisce at the fish and chip shop.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet and do visit this enchanting town, full of surprises, and you thank us after, by visiting our contact page to let us know your feedback if it was as good as ours.

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