Wales – Has One of the best beaches in the World

Wales – Has One of the best beaches in the World

birmingham plumbersA beautiful Country to explore, full of beaches in close approximately.  One of the best beaches is in Wales called Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire, which is South West of Wales.   With blue waters, rocky white sandy beach, hidden away in a little cove and pure natural beauty that you cannot even find a café or any other facilities due to how natural its surrounding are.  As you arrive, there is a car park but half an hour walk to the beach thereafter.  It is the most stunning beach and named one of the best in the world.

However, this maybe one of the best in world but Wales has many, many beautiful breath taking beaches and views in the World in my view.  Definitely a hidden cove of many small little treasure holidays.  If you live in the UK or are travelling, it’s definitely worth exploring Wales, as well as the Scottish Highlands which calls for another post altogether.  Which i will be sure to link one day and edit this post.

If you live in the UK, you really would never want to travel abroad again, especially in the Summer due to the Welsh Coastline and the Welsh have their own language too, so it did seem like a foreign place to visit at times, strangely enough.


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In Wales you will find many breath taking stunning beaches, to name a few:

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

Rhossili Bay (Another award winning Beach in the UK and around the World)

Broad Haven South

Morloes Sand

Cardigan Bay

Tenby South Beach

MNWT, Ceredigion

Fresh Water West

Caswell Bay, Gower

Broad Haven South

Tresaith Beach

Whitesand Beach

Poppit Sands Beach

Fresh Water EAST Beach

Langland Bay

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And the list goes on, up to 35 beaches in Wales with the most stunning and amazing views.  Wales is definitely a place to explore and hopefully in my blog posts I can show you in detail some of the most beautiful beaches in Wales.

It is not far from the major cities in the UK, like Birmingham, Greater Manchester etc. approximately 1-2 hours drive by car and many take a day trip a few times a year, when they are in need of a break from the cities.  It is a great getaway, low cost than abroad getaways and much less planning than a trip abroad.  Definitely a must for all, especially if you cant afford two or more holidays abroad yearly.

Rental properties in Wales are very reasonable compared to renting in other places in the UK.  The properties; like cottages, certain villas unlike the caravans or mobile homes you may rent in Wales, which i am sure are equally safe, have all the landlord certificates such as the same as landlord gas certificates in Birmingham, England and electrical certificates in Birmingham you would get in other cities in England.  Wales may have a different language to England but the same safety procedures are followed and rest assured the rental properties that you may rent to stay in Wales are equally as safe.

I hope this little snippet of Wales, has inspired you to rethink holidays abroad, especially to reduce your carbon footprint, and try holidays in the UK, especially since now you know there are the most spectacular beaches here in the UK.

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