Sandymouth Beach – Cornwall

cornwall mapCornwall is an amazing wonder of UK, and has so many hidden gems.  One of the most unlooked is Sandymouth beach.  Its on the edge of Cornwall, and 5 minutes drive away from Devon.  Hence it being such a delight to visit as you get to taste a bit of Cornwall with a dose of Devon’s Countryside too.

Cornwall has an amazing history, with lots to see and visit, you really can not be stuck and bored. It truly is a fascination place, aswell as Devon.  Its Rolling hills and countryside, lots little farms to visit.

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Need 2 Know…

hidden treasureAnna here…

Just want to let you know some more about us.  I will be in the next few posts adding little hidden treasures in the UK as i discussed in the about us page.  And giving much needed information about these places and what places and things to do at these places.  Suitability to different age ranges and what to consider.

If you ever have hidden treasures to share with us please do contact us.