The Victorian Town In the Heart Of England!

Do you really want to go back in time?

Well you can! shockingly! AND in the Midlands, the Heart of England.heart of midlands

Blists Hill is a fully working Victorian Town in the Midlands, situated in Telford.  I came across this place when we had a reunion with our old classmates from High School; I have memories as a child visiting a Victorian village with our school.  One classmate, who was undertaking his work training in Telford for now, was so excited to tell us how he had visited the same town we visited as children, and how much more amazing and exciting it was to visit as an adult. Continue reading

Beautiful Cumbria – Ambleside its’ Hidden Cove

Beautiful Cumbria-Ambleside it’s hidden cove.

cumbria mapWhilst driving in the North on the Motorway and suddenly you just know you have entered the Cumbria County. Soooo Green & Lush, the most breathtaking scenery and view for a northern English County. Just amazing rolling hills and

you could just continue driving. However Cumbria is full of hidden coves, but one amazing cove you would love to visit is Ambleside.

Where is Ambleside?

cumbria drive

Breathtaking Views

The Location of Ambleside is literally in the middle of Cumbria [as seen in the map] Continue reading